Win Big. Win Fast.
It’s all about the cash.

Brought to you by Mezu, the payment app that gives you the Experience of Cash™.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Monday: 2:45 pm Eastern / 11:45 am Pacific
Wednesday and Thursday: 8:45 pm Eastern / 5:45 pm Pacific

How to Play
Mezu Money Time

How it works

Step 1

Download Mezu and
activate your account

Step 2

Go to the orange
Get Screen

Step 3

Wait for Mezu Money
 to begin

Step 4

Wait for the
winning 4-digit code
to appear in the video

Step 5

Type-in as fast as you
can to win!

Be Prepared!

This will go down every week,
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Once you download the app, Mezu will notify you when it’s time to play so make sure you enable your push notifications so we can let you know when it’s time to play!

About Mezu

Give and Get money without sharing your personal information


Mezu is the first mobile money app that delivers the experience of cash.‍

Mezu gives you a private and secure way to Give and Get money without sharing your personal information.

With Mezu there’s no need to share names, email addresses, hashtags, handles or phone numbers. You can easily pay or request money from people you know.